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  • Come visit Fuji Kachoen Garden Park, the paradise of flowers and birds!
  • Enjoy those full-bloom flowers all the year round. At the Fuji Kachoen Garden Park you will never miss the flowers blooming in all their glory.
  • Fuji Kachoen Garden Park has collected more than 300 variants of fuchsias from the US, England, Germany, Holland and 200 of them are being exhibited.
  • At the Fuji Kachoen Garden Park, meet 30 species of owls, penguins, emus, lorikeets, and a variety of other feathered residents.
  • Be amazed by the bird show, where you can feel the owls fly right above your head!
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480 Nebara, Fujinomiya, Shizuoka 418-0101, Japan

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Fuji Kachoen Garden Park

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