[Shizuoka] Mount Fuji Makaino Farm Arakurayama Sengen Park day tour from Tokyo
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  • * Immersive experience - the most beautiful "horse ranch" with Mount Fuji as the background, swing under Mount Fuji, feed alpacas, and make milk
  • * Exquisite small group, no more than 21 people, better experience
  • *Hotel pick-up and drop-off service available
  • * Internet celebrity check-in resort - Arakurayama Sengen Park, an excellent location to enjoy the panoramic view of Mount Fuji
  • *Hikawa Timepiece Store - Unlock the hidden version of the camera to take pictures of Japanese street scenes, with Mount Fuji at the end
  • * Lawson Convenience Store - a holy place for travel photography at the foot of Mount Fuji
What to expect

【Makaino Ranch】 Magano Ranch is located in Fujinomiya City, Shizuoka Prefecture. With Mount Fuji as the background, it has the best Mount Fuji landscape in Japan. It covers a total area of 50 hectares. It is a combination of viewing (Mount Fuji), entertainment (interacting with animals), A comprehensive ranch integrating leisure, food and handicraft experience The ranch has a variety of interesting experience activities. You can feed alpacas, cows, ride horses, and interact with animals up close. You can also milk cows for free, drink freshly squeezed milk, and pick fruits and vegetables for free. There are also multiple photo spots for Internet celebrities to take photos with Mount Fuji. Take a challenge on the high-altitude swing and take photos with the spectacular Mount Fuji scenery as the background! 【Arakurayama Sengen Park】 A new Internet celebrity attraction, known as one of the "21 places that photographers around the world must visit before they die" This is an excellent location to enjoy the panor

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