[Yamanashi] Yamanashi|Mt. Fuji 5th Station & Oshino Hakkai & Kawaguchiko Oishi Park & Orchard All You Can Eat Seasonal Fruit Day Tour|Departure from Tokyo
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  • * Mount Fuji is divided into 1st station to 10th station according to its height, and the 5th station happens to be on the mountainside, which is the best observatory for overlooking Mount Fuji
  • * Watch Oshino Hakkai, one of the 100 famous waters, and overlook the peerless beauty of Mount Fuji
  • * Oishi Park offers sweeping views of Lake Kawaguchi and Mt. Fuji
  • * You can also enjoy all-you-can-eat seasonal fruits in the orchard
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Oshino Hakkai: 〒401-0511 Oshino Village, Minamitsuru County, Yamanashi Prefecture


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