Aomori Asobenomori Iwakiso and JR East Tohoku Area Pass (5 Days) Package

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JR East Tohoku Area Pass (5 Days)

Akita / Aomori / Fukushima / Hiraizumi / Narita / Sendai / Tokyo / Yamagata
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20,000 JPY

Aomori Asobenomori Iwakiso
4.5 ( 5 reviews )
  • Boasting its great location overlooking Mt. Iwaki, this accommodation has a natural hot spring area that is thoroughly made of aromatic Aomori hiba (cypress) as well as an open-air bath located just before an old-growth forest of oak.

28-29, Terasawa, Hyakuzawa, Hirosaki-shi, Aomori

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