[Okinawa] Ishigaki Island Stargazing Experience
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Take in the extraordinary starry night sky on Ishigaki Island, the only place in Japan where you can see the Southern Cross and see the magnificent constellations, on this tour! Ishigaki Island has been named as the number one travel destination of 2018 by TripAdvisor. Other than its beautiful white sandy beaches and gastronomic delights, it also boasts a location that lets you see 84 of the 88 modern constellations, as it is just 24 degrees north of the equator. On this night adventure, you'll get the one in a lifetime chance of experiencing the sparkling views. Get a free telescope and sit back on your deck chair as you sip on a cup of iced tea. Listen to a Japanese tour guide as he or she narrates the histories, mysteries, and legends of the secluded island, too!

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Ishigaki Hoshizora Farm


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