[Okinawa] Iriomote Sangara Falls and Barasu Island Outdoor Experiences from Ishigaki
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Skip Japan's cities and the mountains with this outdoor adventure to Sangara Falls and Barasu Island! Join a kayaking and hiking trip through thick mangrove forests, followed by a snorkeling experience in the vast blue sea. Start the tour with a ride to Ishigaki Port, where your ferry to Iriomote Island is docked. Climb aboard and get to the kayaking center after a transfer at Uehara Port. Upon arrival, attend the rules and safety lecture and listen well because in a matter of minutes, you'll be strapped on the next kayak available. Pass by lush trees of mangroves as you sail across Nishida River and bask in the serenity of Iriomote Island's nature. Walk to Sangara Falls for another 30 minutes and enjoy a sumptuous picnic-style lunch once there. Head back to the base and suit up for your snorkeling experience in Barasu Island. Arrive at the island shortly and marvel at the coral chips that make up its surface. Spend the next 45-60 minutes lounging by the shores or visiting the underwater world. Fun, exciting,

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Sangara Falls and Barasu Island


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