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At 1269 meters above sea level, Lake Chuzenji is the highest lake in Japan, and a leading sightseeing spot frequented by tourists from both home and abroad. It is said that the lake was created by a dam of lava that erupted from Mt. Nantai more than 20,000 years ago. During the Meiji period, foreign ambassadors from each nation built summer resorts on the shore, allowing tourists to enjoy the changing seasons, in particular the azaleas of early summer and the red leaves of autumn. There is also a pleasure cruise that starts on the eastern bank where you can appreciate the shore's landscape. To reach the pleasure cruise boarding site, take the bus to either Chuzenji Hot Springs or Yumoto Hot Springs for 45 minutes, alighting at Chuzenji Hot Springs, from which it is just a five-minute walk. It is also possible to travel from the Kanto region by Shinkansen. The easy access is another reason why Lake Chuzenji is so popular.

Location Information

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    Chuguushi, Nikkou-shi, Tochigi, 321-1661

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    Nikko Station
    ・ JR Nikko Line
    Tobu Nikko Station
    ・Tobu Nikko Line