[Osaka] Osaka Dai-ichi Hotel and 【Osaka Kobe】 Hanshin Electric Railway Tourist Pass 1 Day Package

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【Osaka Kobe】 Hanshin Electric Railway Tourist Pass 1 Day

Kobe / Koshien Stadium / Namba / Sannomiya / Umeda
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500 JPY

[Osaka] Osaka Dai-ichi Hotel
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  • Osaka Dai-ichi Hotel is located within the landmark building of Umeda, Marubiru. Thanks to the building's cylindrical construction, all rooms have a view of outside and are brightly lit. Its convenient location allows it to be connected via an underground path to JR Osaka station, the subway Umeda station and private railway lines (Hanshin and Hankyu), as well as Osaka-umeda Station’s lines.

1-9-20, Umeda, Kita-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka

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