Nara Tenpyoan (Todaiji Temple Branch) and JR Osaka - Nagoya 'Ise-Kumano-Wakayama Area Pass'(5 Days) Package

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JR Osaka - Nagoya 'Ise-Kumano-Wakayama Area Pass'(5 Days)

Ise‐Shima / Nagoya / Nara / Osaka / Shirahama / Suzuka / Wakayama
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11,000~11,210 JPY

Nara Tenpyoan (Todaiji Temple Branch)
4.5 ( 5 reviews )
  • This wagashi (traditional Japanese sweets) confectionery has seven shops open throughout the prefecture. The first floor is a confectionery shop, while the second floor is a Japanese-style cafe. The somen noodles are a popular item for lunch. The noodles have a firm consistency and come with a homemade tsuyu broth made from bonito flakes and konbu seaweed.

16, Kasuganocho, Nara-shi, Nara

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