Nara TEN. TEN. Cafe and 【Osaka Kyoto Nara】Kintetsu Rail Pass (1, 2, 5Days, Plus) Package

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【Osaka Kyoto Nara】Kintetsu Rail Pass (1, 2, 5Days, Plus)

Iga / Ise / Kyoto / Nagoya / Nara / Osaka / Shima
Popular areas and events

1,500~4,900 JPY

Nara TEN. TEN. Cafe
4.0 ( 5 reviews )
  • Operated by the family of the late singer Eigo Kawashima, this restaurant offers authentic waffles and lunches. You can enjoy savory waffles or sweet waffles made with homemade ice cream and jam. The store also presents live performances and other events.

16, Kasuganocho, Nara-shi, Nara

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