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[Kyoto] Taizoin Religious Corporation Admission Ticket (Kyoto)
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In the Hojo (main hall), we enshrine the founder of our school, Muin Soin Zenji (the third generation of Myoshinji Temple), as the principal image. Near the Hojo, you can see the ``Motonobu Garden'' created by the Muromachi period painter Motonobu Kano, as well as Japan's oldest ink painting, a national treasure, ``Gourd Sweetfish'' (copy). Also, please take a leisurely stroll through Yoko-en, a stroll-style garden with a pond, where seasonal trees and flowers add brilliance. Please be sure to present your voucher on a device with internet access, such as a smartphone. You can view your reserved voucher by logging into the Klook app/site and clicking "View Voucher" from your reservation record. This ticket is an advance sale only ticket. Please note that it cannot be used on the day of purchase.

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