Hokkaido Kitano gourmet-tei and JR Tohoku-South Hokkaido Pass(Flexible 5 Day) Package

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JR Tohoku-South Hokkaido Pass(Flexible 5 Day)

Akita / Aomori / Fukushima / Hakodate / Hiraizumi / Sapporo / Sendai / Yamagata
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19,000~19,750 JPY

Hokkaido Kitano gourmet-tei
4.0 ( 5 reviews )
  • In our restaurant, Kaisen-Shokudo Kitano Gourmet-tei, you can enjoy seafood dishes of various fresh Hokkaido fish and shellfish in a very relaxed atmosphere. Our chef will cook foods you purchased at our shop right in front of you or serve them raw, grilled, and any other way your request.

22-4-1, Kita-11-jonishi, Chuo-ku, Sapporo-shi, Hokkaido

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