[Hokkaido] [Private charter] Free sightseeing around Kushiro in a chartered sightseeing taxi (1 hour to 5 hours short time charter / Jumbo taxi 1 to 9 people / Pick-up and drop-off available at hotels in Kushiro, Kushiro Station, and Kushiro Airport)
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41,360 JPY

  • Delivering the excitement of the great nature of Hokkaido
  • Easily take you to sightseeing spots around Kushiro with a chartered taxi
  • Information in a jumbo taxi that can accommodate up to 9 people
  • Capable of carrying up to 4 people, economical regular car plans are also available (KKday product number: 146935)
  • If you would like a long-term charter (6 hours to 10 hours), please apply using the product number on the right (regular car: 151784, jumbo taxi: 151785)
  • There is also a shuttle service to Kushiro Airport, making it convenient for use on your arrival day or final day.
If you agree to have the Travel Conditions issued electronically, please apply as is. If you would like to receive the travel conditions in writing, please contact us at jp-document@kkday.com For inquiries regarding products, please contact us from [Contact Store]

What to expect

This is a sightseeing taxi charter plan that allows you to enjoy traveling to Hokkaido freely and without hesitation with your family and friends. We will freely guide you to sightseeing spots such as Kushiro Marsh, Tawadaira, Lake Mashu, Mt. Io, Lake Kussharo, and Lake Akan. You can apply from 1 hour.

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