[Hokkaido] Making ramen at a popular restaurant in Hakodate
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  • Experience making salt ramen in Hakodate, one of the birthplaces of Japanese ramen culture
  • The Ramen place is a popular store in Hakodate visited by travelers from all over the world
  • Although making a good ramen is a difficult challenge, but with the guidance from the expert, you can make it with confident!
  • Experience location is about 30 minutes by train from Hakodate Station, easy access at shops right from the station
  • You can enjoy sightseeing in the area. There are hot springs, historical sites and museums that contain history of Japan at the end of the 18th century
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1-chōme-26-34 Yunokawachō, Hakodate, Hokkaido 042-0932, Japan

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Ramen maido

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