[Hokkaido] Iwamizawa Hosui Winery and Maoi Distillery Day Tour (From Sapporo)
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  • * This is a private tour where you can enjoy the local area in a private car.
  • * Tour two wineries to enjoy the scenery, the terroir and the taste.
  • * An English or Chinese guide will accompany you, so communication is easy.
  • * At Hosui Winery, you can eat soft serve ice cream topped with their specialty grape sauce.
  • At Maoi Distillery, you can enjoy the vineyards and typical Hokkaido scenery while enjoying a glass of wine on your own private outdoor deck.
What to expect

This is a local tour with an interpreter guide that visits nearby places recommended by locals and is available for guests staying in Sapporo. This is a luxury tour to enjoy Hokkaido wine and scenery, visiting Iwamizawa Hosui Winery and Maoi Distillery, one of the most famous wineries in Hokkaido. At Hosui Winery, you can visit the winery and enjoy the famous soft-serve ice cream with an original sauce made from grapes grown in the farm in front of you. At Maoi Distillery, in addition to visiting the winery, enjoy a glass of wine on a private deck overlooking the Ishikari plains.

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Iwamizawa Naganuma


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