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Imado Shrine



One of the famous spots of Asakusa dedicated to the Shichifukujin (the seven deities of good fortune). It enshrines Fukurokuju, who is a deity of happiness, income and long life. Also known as a place for the god of marriage of Tokyo Shitamachi Hassha (eight shrines), the birthplace of the beckoning cat and of Soshi Okita’s death.

Location Information

  • Address

    1-5-22, Imado, Taitou-ku, Tokyo, 111-0024

  • Nearest Station
    Asakusa Station
    ・ Tokyo Metro Ginza Line
    ・ Toei Asakusa Line
    ・ Tobu Isesaki Line (Tobu Sky Tree Line)
    ・ Tsukuba Express
    15 minutes on foot
  • Phone Number

    Our staff may only be able to communicate in Japanese.

  • Hours
    9:00am - 5:00pm
  • Closed
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