French cuisine
Update: 22 March 2016

French cuisine

The French cuisine is familiar to Japanese people as a fine cooking. Some French restaurants in Japan have awarded three stars by the internationally recognized restaurant rating book. It has been more familiar these days by the launch of reasonably priced restaurants.

The history of French cuisine

French cuisine was gradually spread in Japan when the western style restaurants were opened around 1870. During the Meiji period, it had been served at the official occasions to entertain foreign diplomats. Around 1960, Japanese chefs of French cuisine were appeared one after the other. The number of French restaurants were increased since. Although it is not as familiar as Italian cuisine, it is served to the guests from overseas or at the wedding reception in many occasions.

Sauteed foie gras

Foie gras is widely known as the luxury ingredient in Japan. Its popular cooking method is to saute which is to fry with salt and pepper and pour some sauce over it. Nowadays, you can find it in the menu of not only in the French restaurants, but also in family restaurants and izakaya (Japanese tavern). It is rooted as a symbol of luxury French dish even though it is not an easily accessed ingredient.

Pot-au-feu and bouillabaisse

Pot-au-feu, the representative French home-cooking, and bouillabaisse, the seafood stewed cooking with tomatoes and herbs, are the popular French dishes in Japan. Because there is a dish called oden which is also called Japanese pot-au-feu which is the stewed vegetables and meat eaten with soup, it is one of the familiar dishes for Japanese.

Where to Enjoy Italian Cuisine in Japan

Many French restaurants can be found in metropolis such as Tokyo, with many of them located in hotels. There are more high class French restaurants compared to the other foreign cuisines, and it is common to enjoy as the course menu. However, in the recent years, bistro style casual French restaurants which offer French local cuisines are increased. The relaxed atmosphere is the secret of their popularity.

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