Among many types of lodging facilities, the hotel is by far the most popular type. We are going to explain about the characteristics of Japanese hotels and how to stay there.

City Hotel

A large hotel located mainly in city centers. These hotels are equipped with famous Japanese restaurants, a lounge, a bar and so on. Even many non-staying guests use these facilities. The service and the facilities are of top-quality and company events such as shareholder's meetings are often held there.

Resort hotels and business hotels

You can stay at a business hotel for a relatively low price. These hotels are mostly established near train stations so that there will be no problems getting around. On the contrary, a resort hotel offers specific services in sightseeing areas. These hotels are often concentrated on leisure activities with hot springs and a nice view.

A hotel as complexed facilities

Some large city hotels are equipped with a wedding hall. With the wedding plan the hotel takes care of everything from the preparation to the execution of the actual wedding in the way that the customers wishes. Hotels equipped with attraction facilities like swimming pools are popular among children.

Concept rooms

Influenced by Japanese pop culture, concept rooms have interiors designed with characters from anime and so on. The concept rooms are jam-packed with original goods and all kinds of menus to choose from.

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