Outlet Malls

Outlet Malls


Japan has a number of outlet malls, visited by many people from Japan and overseas.

Unique Outlet Malls in Japan

Many outlet malls are in the suburbs. Large-scale facilities are being developed, taking advantage of the large areas of land. The main characteristics of these outlet malls are that big-name brand products are available at affordable prices, the store clerks offer friendly service, and the shops are always clean.

Purchasing Good Products at Reasonable Prices

Many of the products at the outlet mall are sold at more than half-off. In addition to the big-name brand products, many Japanese brand products are also sold, so you can expect to get good-quality products.

Satisfying Food Courts

Many outlet malls have food courts. There is a huge variety of dishes from well-known restaurants to bite-sized snacks that gather at these food courts, so it is always crowded with customers. It can be used for tea time as well as for meals.

There are also Tour Buses

Since outlet malls are in the suburbs, it is difficult to go there without a car. For people without cars, bus tours have recently become more available. Outlet malls are one of the tour stops, and you can enjoy visiting them along with sightseeing in nearby regions. The charm of bus tours is that they are cheap even with a full agenda.

Gotemba Premium Outlet Mall

Gotemba Premium Outlet Mall in Shizuoka is one of the largest outlet malls in Japan. Every day a large number of people visit it for their shopping needs.

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