Yuba and tofu dishes

Yuba and tofu dishes


It is said that yuba and tofu are good for dieting, which makes both popular food products for people concerned with their health. We will introduce some recipes for yuba and tofu.

What are yuba and tofu?

Tofu is made by coagulating tonyu (soy milk) squeezed from soybeans with coagulants like bittern. There are two types of tofu: one is momen (firm) tofu which is firm with a strong taste. The other is kinugoshi (silken) tofu that has a smooth taste. Yuba is made from scooped up soy milk skin - either by chopsticks or skewers - which develops on the liquid surface when boiling the soy milk.

Tofu dishes

You have hiyayakko (cold tofu) - eaten by putting spices or toppings and pouring soy sauce on top of raw tofu, or yudofu - eaten by adding tofu and vegetables in a hot soup stock. Izakaya (Japanese pub) occasionally have it on the menu so please give it a try.

Yuba dishes

Yuba dishes are often used in the Buddhist cuisine for Buddhists who are prohibited to eat meat. You have yuba sashimi - which is eaten raw, fried yuba - which is fried in oil until it becomes light brown and yuba salad with raw vegetables and fresh ham.

Specialty stores

There are many restaurants in Japan offering tofu and yuba as their specialty. At Ningyocho in Tokyo, there is a well-established store of over 100 years old named Futaba where you can enjoy tofu courses with carefully selected Japanese sake.

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