Update: 29 December 2016

"Horumon" refers to the organs of cows or pigs meant for eating. In Japan, they are usually eaten after being grilled or boiled. These kind of dishes can usually be found on menus as horumon, motsu or horumon ryori (meals).

The History of Horumon

There are records of meals incorporating offal from the 7th century in Japan but even before that period, roasted bird and boar meat were eaten in mountainous areas. The word is likely to have been derived from hormon in German and hormone in English. From the 1920s, vitalizing meals rich in nutrients were commonly called horumon ryori.

Eating Horumon

Horumon is delicious when it is simply grilled. If it is soaked in the sauce the restaurant offers beforehand, then you can just grill it and eat it without adding any seasoning. If it isn't seasoned beforehand, then just use salted pepper and lemon or a sauce dip after grilling to make the most out of the delicacy.

Enjoy the Distinctive Taste

Horumon has different kinds of textures and flavors according to the meat. Large intestines are soft and juicy and stomach is chewy and bouncy. Liver is soft and rich in flavor - just taste your way through the rich menus and find your favorite.

Wonderfully Low in Calories

Horumon, like red meat, contains high amounts of proteins, irons, vitamin B1 and vitamin B2 but it is probably most famous for being low in calories - which is precisely why it isn't only popular among calorie-counters but also among people who emphasize a healthy diet.

It is Reasonably Priced

You can enjoy eating horumon for just 2,000 to 3,000 yen, even if you order drinks along with your meal. In the past, at times when meat was expensive, people used to eat horumon to prevent nutritional deficiency. The most important point when wanting to enjoy a delicious horumon meal, is that the horumon is fresh and that it is processed properly.

Horumon Meals at Izakaya

You can enjoy horumon cooked in various ways, such as boiled or grilled. At izakaya, traditional Japanese pubs, horumon is popular as a snack to go with alcohol. Some horumon dishes offered are grilled horumon, fried liver and chives, motsu (pig tripe) stew and so on.

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