Cultural Experiences

Cultural Experiences


There are tours to provide opportunity to actually see and experience unique Japanese cultures, in addition to simply read and listen to stories about them. You will be able to have more in-depth understanding about Japanese culture if you participate in cultural experience tours. Usually English interpreters attend with such tours.

Sumo Stable Tours

Sumo has an objective of hoping for peace, birth of children, abundant harvest, and great catch of fish. This national sport is performed following traditional rules and manners. You can watch the sumo wrestlers' unique keiko (training/practicing) through an experience tour.

Maiko and Geisha Experience

Maiko and geisha are female entertainers who dress in kimono to perform their skills, such as dancing, to entertain customers at banquets and parties. Through maiko and geisha experience, you can watch a show about Japanese-style salon culture, and you may also be actually entertained by maiko and geisha. Also, female participants may put on a maiko make-ups and dress in kimono, and walk down a street pretending to be maiko girls.

Ninja Experience

Through ninja experience, you can actually dress like a ninja, and learn how to use various skills and tools ninja use such as shuriken (concealed weapon) and fukiya (blowgun). Also, through knowing about the history and about ninja itself, you may learn more deeply about their spirit, "nin=endurance."

Sado (tea celemony) Experience

Sado (tea ceremony) is one of the traditional Japanese arts. By experiencing sado, you will learn right postures, waste-less quiet motions, delicate attentions to your guests, and other important factors which will lead further understanding of Japanese spiritual culture.

Nigiri-zushi (hand-pressed sushi) Experience

You will not only learn how to make sushi using your hands but also experience and study broadly about Japanese culture including the history of sushi and how to eat sushi. You can also learn about the interesting world of sushi and may know how deep and broad it is.

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