Amusement facilities

Amusement facilities

Update: 27 October 2016

There are a variety of amusement facilities in Japan. Let me introduce some fascinating facilities enjoyed by everyone from children to adults.

Theme parks

There are a number of theme parks in Japan. Among them, Tokyo Disneyland and Osaka's Universal Studios Japan are popular. Not only are the attractions and shows attractive, but the service of the staff is also thorough. They are so fulfilling that one day is not enough to go round the whole park.

Game Center

There is almost always a Game Center in front of the station in the city center. There is a line of the latest arcade games in a large-scale game center managed by a major game manufacturer, producing a unique atmosphere of its own. Some commercial facilities such as shopping malls have a game corner for children.


Japan official gambling hall. Pachinko is a so-called adult amusement facility. People buy small silver balls, then play games to try and increase the number of balls they have. The amount of cash and prizes you can exchange for will increase depending on the number of pachinko balls you get.


The "karaoke box" was born in Japan in the mid-1980s. You can sing songs freely along to the backing music in a private room. You can sing with others to have fun, or go alone to relieve stress. Karaoke can be used for various purposes. It has also spread to East Asian countries as culture from Japan.

Super Sento (bath-houses)

Some Super Sentos have a massage corner and a barber so you can have a massage and haircut as well as taking a bath. You can also have meals at the resting place, so you can enjoy all day leisurely. You must be careful because some Super Sentos prohibit people with tattoos from entering.

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