Night viewing
Update: 22 March 2016

Night viewing

Japanese people love night viewing. We will telll you how to enjoy the night scape.

A night view from the mountains

The night view at Hakodate in Hokkaido, is a popular night viewing spot. Take a ropeway up to Mt. Hakodate with a height of 334 meters. You can see fires for luring fish at night of the squid fishing boats between June and December and especially in winter the snow and Illumination are beautiful. Other than Hakodate, there are beautiful night view spots in several places such as Mt. Inasa in Nagasaki or Mt. Rokko in Hyogo.

A night view over the water

The factory night view tour where you get on a boat and enjoy viewing industrial areas at night is gaining in popularity. You can enjoy a whole different experience with night viewing than in the afternoon.

Things to remember when you go night viewing

In some cases the temperature difference between night and day is completely different, such as the night view from mountain peaks or cruises, so make sure to bring warm clothing to protect yourself from the cold weather.

The night viewing boom

In 2004 the "Secretariat of Night View Inheritance of Japan" was established by night viewing enthusiasts . They are promoting Japanese night views as a tourist attraction.

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