Average Prices in Japan

Average Prices in Japan

Update: 21 February 2017

Before traveling to Japan, you'll want to know how big of a budget you need to plan to cover your daily expenses during your trip. Let's take a look at the average prices in Japan for different kind of things, from food to other daily necessities.

Average Price for Lunch

The general price for lunch is about 1,000 yen in big and busy districts such as Shinjuku, Shibuya and Ginza. Some stores offer low price lunches called "One Coin Lunch" which can be enjoyed for 500 yen. Prices for ramen and soba are generally about 400 to 800 yen.

Average Price for Dinner

If you drink alcohol, you can expect around 5,000 yen per person, give or take, but it depends on how much you drink. Some restaurants offer an all-you-can-drink service for a predetermined price, so if you plan on drinking, we recommend the nomihodai service. There are also places which offer services at lower prices for a predetermined time.


Just like in many other countries around the world, the price of cigarettes continues to rise every year, partially due to taxes. One pack of cigarettes costs around 450 yen on average.

Prices in Tokyo

Tokyo is the center of the Japanese economy and prices there are the highest in all of Japan. Taxi and train fares, rent, daily necessities... prices of everything tend to be higher than any other region. On the other hand, Okinawa is said to be the most affordable of all prefectures.

Daily Goods

The quality of Japanese day to day goods, such as diapers or toilet paper, is rather high and available for a relatively reasonable price. You'll find many a thing to be sold out especially in tourist-heavy areas in the city center because of that.

*This information is from the time of this article's publication.

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