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What Clothes to Wear From March to May in Japan

What Clothes to Wear From March to May in Japan

Date published: 4 April 2020

Japanese spring runs from March to May.
Spring is a warmer season which possibly the most suitable for travel.
For those who plan to travel in Japan during this period, here are some tips on Tokyo's weather and what you should wear in spring.

Spring in Japan

Spring in Japan

What's the temperature like in spring in Japan?
In Japan, there may be snowy days in March, so you should wear a coat.

However, in April and May, there are more sunny days, so it is generally very warm and a comfortable temperature.

What clothes are best for travelling in spring in Japan?

It starts to get warmer in the sunny days of March.
However, jackets and coats are still necessary.

A scarf and gloves are also a good idea to protect yourself against some unexpected chilly days.

April is a great time to enjoy Japan's flowers.
The weather gradually gets warmer, so you need not wear a coat during the day.

But sometimes, the temperature in the morning and evening will drop suddenly, so please pay attention to the temperature changes.

So, it's a good idea to bring a jackets or coat which can be wrapped around your waist when you don't need it.

In May, the weather continues to get warmer, so it's a great time for outdoor activities.

People can wear long-sleeved shirts or cardigans to regulate body temperature.

In addition, the UV radiation intensity in May ranks 4th for the whole year (on average), so make sure to bring sun protection to avoid getting burnt!

Tokyo's spring is cozy and comfortable, which is perfect for travel.

And it is also the season when flowers start to bloom!

In addition to flower viewing and spring outings, you might also find other plants like bamboo shoots and fukinotou (butterbur), or fruit and veg such as strawberries, spring cabbage and so on.

Make your next trip to Japan a spring trip!

Illustrations courtesy of Manga de Japan.

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