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Visiting the Tivoli Yugawara Sweets Factory: Create Your Very Own Cookie, Eat as Much as You Like, and Enjoy a Factory Tour!

Kanagawa Suburbs Other Museums

Tivoli is a Japanese sweets brand that delights people all around with its delicious confectionery. Especially its cookies are highly sought-after! In November 2017, Tivoli Yugawara Sweets Factory opened, combining factory with a directly-operated shop. While “cookie factory” by itself already sounds amazing, this one offers a factory tour, an activity corner where you can create your very own cookie, and a café with a cookie all-you-can-eat! A fun spot for old and young, it’s definitely worth a visit if you’re in Yugawara! Let us take you on a little tour through the Tivoli Yugawara Sweets Factory to see what it’s all about.

Autumn in Japan 2018: Best 8 Spots to See Fall Colors Throughout Japan!


The year 2018 is slowly coming to an end. Summer and its hot humidity are saying goodbye and autumn refreshes us with its cooler temperatures and crisp weather. The main highlight of the season is the fall foliage, called kōyō in Japanese, transforming Japan into a wonderland of vivid colors. The Adirondacks in the state of New York or Llanrwst in Wales are world-famous autumn leaf spots. However, Japan’s fall foliage spots are defined by the serene and pure beauty that comes from a unique harmony between nature and man-made buildings and structures. To let you savor this tranquil spectacle of the seasons, we’re taking you to eight iconic autumn leaf spots throughout Japan, show you how to get there, and when to make the most out of the colorful foliage!

[MOVIE] A Japanese Drum Experience at TAIKO-LAB

Shibuya Other Sightseeing

Have you always wanted to learn a traditional Japanese instrument? How about one that makes you exercise in the process? If the deep sound and rhythms of the traditional Japanese taiko drums have always spoken to you, why not try your hand at taiko drumming with a dynamic class? As I learned at TAIKO-LAB in Aoyama, taiko is more than just making sound; it’s about feeling the rhythm through your entire being!

Hugely Popular with Foreign Tourists in Tokyo! Check Out These 9 Popular Japanese Souvenirs for Summer 2018

Tokyo Station Other Shopping

People want to experience something Japanese when they come to Japan. Especially its food culture is one that is uniquely different from that of other countries, and here you can experience the real thing. For the best souvenir experience for foreign visitors, we have carefully selected nine shops that have proven to be especially popular with foreign visitors shopping at ecute shops. These are facilities found in JR stations in and around Tokyo of which there are eight. The name “ecute” is a combination of word eki, Japanese for “station” and “cute”. The following is a list of this summer seasonal goods that have been big sellouts for souvenirs. They are all limited items sold only in Japan. If you are coming to Japan or already here, don’t miss a chance to check these items out.

Meals, Manners & More: Your Ultimate Guide to Eating in Japan!

Tokyo Station Other Japanese Food

Japan has some very particular cultural rules when it comes to eating, drinking, and dining in public places. While most of them are not by any means laws, they are widely followed nonetheless. For someone visiting the country, especially for the first time, it may be hard to grasp the nuance of differences in manners and etiquette right away! Sometimes these can be very different from one’s country of origin, and for this reason, the mindful traveler will want to know about these rules beforehand.

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