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3 Must-Try Sushi Spots in Susukino, Sapporo Recommended by Locals!

Sapporo / Chitose Sushi

There are many places in Susukino from sushi trains to luxurious shops that serve beautiful sushi at a price you can afford. Here are three shops recommended by the locals where you can experience a sushi train connected to a subway station, one where you can sample fare popular with the regular folk at a reasonable price, and one where the sushi is prepared before your very eyes catering to a more mature clientele.

Must-Try Local Cuisine when you visit Hakodate!

Hakodate Western-style Food

Hakodate is famous for its shio ramen and squid, but it also offers a rich selection of local dishes loved by local residents from the earliest times. One such place is Lucky Pierrot, a hamburger chain that originally got its start in Hakodate. You should definitely try one of their burgers at least once. Other types of cuisine, such as Western and curry, are also available, so when you go to Hakodate check out the menus of places where you would like to eat!

[MOVIE]Shodo Calligraphy: What would you write for luck in the New Year?

Odaiba Traditional Paintings

Art Materials Lab PIGMENT really is a place that impresses as soon as you set foot inside: the building is spacious, with a comfy atmosphere that makes you feel like you’re at home. This gorgeous art supply store is located on Tennozu Isle, a small island in Tokyo Bay that hosts plenty of art shows and performances. The store features around 200 antique ink sticks, 50 kinds of animal glues, and around 4,500 colors of different pigments: with this, you are sure to find a color that you will like! But what makes the store different are the regularly organized workshops. Held by art school professors or painting tool manufacturers, you can discover Japanese painting techniques, carving signature stamps, or even oil painting. For me, it would be Japanese calligraphy, also known as shodo.

Sights, Eats, Shopping! Quick introduction to Furano and Biei

Furano / Biei / Sounkyo

The landscape is resplendent with colorful fields of lavender, symbolic of summer in Hokkaido. The gardens of Furano are where such landscapes can be viewed. July through August is the best time for viewing them and is when they are visited by many tourists coming from all over the world. Biei is an area noted for the mysterious blue of Aoiike, the famous “Blue Pond”, plus the beautiful expanses of hilly landscapes, and Asahiyama Zoo, the most northern one in Japan. This is not only an area prominent as a farm belt, but also for the charm of its cuisine which uses local wheat and produce.

Tokyo Traveling Essentials: Handling Luggage in Japan!

Other Sightseeing

Japan is the country for shopping, and if you are going for your first time on possibly a trip of a lifetime, then you will be planning to bring back a lot of stuff. And who can blame you? Japan is full of cool stuff, tax-free shopping and all manner of knick-knacks! However, Japan isn’t exactly suitcase-friendly, it is quite tiny suitcase-friendly but decidedly not large suitcase-friendly. It is one thing to say that you should pack lightly, arriving in Japan with a light suitcase isn’t exactly a showstopper, but as your trip goes on your suitcase will get heavier and heavier, and at some point you will start considering a second suitcase or another bag, and then life becomes increasingly difficult! It is unavoidable that you may be lugging around a heavy suitcase or two, especially as you get to the end of your trip, so before you go to Japan it is best to check out our handy tips on what to do with luggage in Japan, that way you are sure to have a successful visit and get some heavy-duty shopping in too!

Survival Japanese: Housing Terms

Looking for renting an apartment or a house is usually one of the first things that a foreigner moving to Japan will have to do. However, Japanese rental agreements have some unique features that might differ from those in your country. The terminology used to define the size, space and conditions of a place are quite unique in Japan, and a good knowledge of them is necessary to make the search even easier.

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