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Come see this spectacular view only an hour away from Sapporo! Easy one-day sightseeing trip to the clear waters at Lake Shikotsu

Sapporo / Chitose Rivers, Lakes & Canyons

The clear waters are just incredible! If you visit Lake Shikotsu, you will know what we mean. Lake Shikotsu is just an hour car drive away from Sapporo City, and only 40 minutes from The New Chitose Airport, but offers spectacular sightseeing where you can enjoy nature. Come experience breathtaking views on a boat tour, walk along the bank, enjoy the local chips (prawn) raised in these pure waters, and don`t forget to try their famous sweets. Here are the spots we recommend.

Tokyo Trends: This Ginza Shop Specializing in Banana Juice is Huge on Social Media Now!

Ginza Other Restaurants

This sister shop of Banana Juice Corridor Street Shop, which specializes in banana juice, opened in the Ginza Corridor-gai in September 2017 and is one everyone is talking about. This shop, just like the Higashi Ginza one, does not open for business if the bananas are not ripe and also has a strong core of fans. Whether you work in the Ginza district or are just passing through, why not stop by here for a refreshing break?

Inside Japan's Maid Cafés: Our Unique Experience at Classic Maid Café Mai:lish! (Video)

Akihabara Other Cafes and Sweets

Come join Live Japan with me as we visit Café Mai:lish, a small and homely maid café located on the outskirts of Akihabara, about 8 minutes from JR Akihabara Station and 3 minutes from Suehirocho Station.

The Complete Guide to Haneda Airport Arrival Lobby

Haneda Other Sightseeing

Haneda Airport is relatively compact and easy to navigate. With access to central Tokyo in under one hour, it’s not hard to see why the number of travelers arriving to Haneda is steadily increasing.

A Night in Nature: 5 Serene Temple Stays Around Tokyo!

Tokyo's Surrounding Areas Other Traditional Culture

Did you know that Japan’s shrines and temples welcome regular tourists to stay for a night or more? Experience authentic Zen meditation, the traditional, vegetarian cuisine called shojin ryori, and explore a fascinating world so different from anything you know. Staying at a shrine or temple is an experience that even a lot of Japanese people don’t get to have that easily, a unique glimpse into the realm of shrines, temples, and traditions.

This Is What Japan Visitors Advise About Onsen Spas: Favorite Hot Spring Spots & How To Choose

Hot Springs (Onsen) & Bath Houses (Sento)

Japan boasts hot springs in all of its prefectures and it’s one of the leading countries in the world when it comes to hot springs. More and more foreigners want to try hot springs when they visit Japan. Hot springs are in fact one of the most popular aspects of Japanese culture. We interviewed one Japanese and two foreigners who love hot springs, and we asked them about their favorite ones, how to choose them, and their personal recommendations.

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