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Noboribetsu Onsen Excursion - And a Natural Hot Spring Footbath!

Noboribetsu / Lake Toya Rivers, Lakes & Canyons

Noboribetsu Onsen in Hokkaido is well known for its 9 different types of hot springs. There are lots of sights to see centered around these hot springs. Jigokudani (literally, "Hell Valley"), for example, exude both gases and hot water, and Oyunuma, a super high-temperature spring, accumulates sulfur. In order to see these springs for ourselves, I decided to take a guided tour. It even ended in a natural footbath! This was truly the best tour I've ever experienced! *Taisho Jigoku and Oyunuma River Natural Footbath will be closed off from Nov 6, 2016. (You can walk up to Oyunuma). Date of reopening not yet decided. (As of May, 2018)

"Kyo Baum" is the latest addition to popular Kyoto souvenirs! A blessed combination of matcha and baumkuchen

Kyoto Station, To-ji Temple Gift Shops

Kyoto is full of wonderful sweets. In particular, their matcha infused treats are popular with people around the world, and are widely recommended as one of the Japanese-style sweets to try when visiting Kyoto. And amongst those matcha infused sweets, these days "Kyo Baum" is in the spotlight. It has both matcha and soy milk cake, making baumkuchen that's beautiful in appearance with a soft and moist texture and the luxurious scent of matcha. Kyo Baum is the perfect souvenir. Let's break down what goes into Kyo Baum and gives it its complex deliciousness!

[MOVIE] DRUM TAO’S MANGEKYO – a Kaleidoscope of Taiko Drums

Shinagawa Shows

Japan’s traditional drums, taiko, conquered video games, modern pop music, and stages all over the world alike. Ranging from small to so big that they tower over whoever plays them, taiko drums have held an important place in Japanese culture ever since the 6th century. One group, however, has taken the traditional art of taiko drumming and adapted it to the global style of the 21st century in the most fascinating fashion imaginable. Meet DRUM TAO and their Martial Art of Drumming!

A City That Never Sleeps: Top 3 Spots to Stay in Ikebukuro Until Morning (If You Miss the Last Train!)


Ikebukuro, along with Shinjuku and Shibuya, is a major hub in Tokyo. Here there are many Japanese language schools, commercial complexes, and recently one particular road has become very popular. Otome [Maiden] Road is known for its shops selling anime goods and magazines. It is a part of town that has become popular even with travelers who see it as a “subculture mecca” for fans of manga and anime. There are lots of places where you can have so much fun you forget the time - and even end up missing the last train home! This happens to more than just a few people. In this article we will tell you about good places where you can leisurely spend time until morning that include a hotel-like net cafe and a restaurant-cafe that has many repeat visitors from overseas. These are also good places to rest for travelers who arrive in Japan in the middle of the night and need a place to rest as well as being good places for groups who want keep on partying throughout the night. These spots have delicious food and just about anything else you might need.

Minami Nights! Inside Osaka's Wildly Popular Club Cheval Osaka

Nanba, Dotonbori, Shinsaibashi Clubs

Namba, Dotonbori, and Shinsaibashi are well known areas in Kansai, generally referred to as “Minami”. Large and glamorous, with famous departments, huge commercial buildings, restaurants, fashion boutiques and shops of every kind you can think of, this is the place to go if you want the Osaka experience. You'll find famous Osakan food here, and plenty of places to enjoy the nightlife. In this report, we'll be taking on one of the bigger places in the Osaka club scene, Cheval Osaka (just Cheval from here on). With a luxurious atmosphere, some of the best audio systems in the world as well as the club scene's first smoke separation system, the club's comfort and service have won positive reception, and the party just keeps going on. The club also sees plenty of tourists visiting Japan, so if you're looking for a place to head out to when night hits, this is for you!

Ultimate Japanese Phrase Guide: Tips for Your Trip from Start to Finish!

Tokyo Station

One of the pleasures of traveling overseas is in being able to use the local language of the foreign country. Whether it be for shopping, securing lodging, or just getting about, being able to communicate with the local people will bring you much closer to them. Here are some useful Japanese phrases you can use when traveling in Japan. If you remember them, it will certainly make your stay in Japan a more rewarding one. Let’s take a look at several scenarios you are likely to encounter. Read these as though you were actually encountering them.

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